#HERstory: An inspiring women’s panel

HERstory: An inspiring women’s panel March 2015 at YWCA Toronto’s Elm Centre With CEO of YWCA Canada – CP24’s Nneka Elliott – 4 inspiring panelists Photos: http://on.fb.me/1Er4HY7 Storify: http://bit.ly/19Xj77B Together, we made HERstory. 1 uplifting event. 4 inspiring panelists. Moderated by one of our most beloved media personalities. A welcome by the CEO of YWCA Canada. Attended by 125+ beautiful, brilliant and women. Trending on … Continue reading #HERstory: An inspiring women’s panel

#howshehustles 5th women’s brunch

5th & final How She Hustles brunch October 2014 at The Chelsea Hotel Toronto Sold out in days – trending on Twitter – Almost 250 guests! Video: http://youtu.be/j193LdSup7Y Storify: http://bit.ly/1BR4WHB Photos: http://on.fb.me/1GkbovL Thank you, ladies, for being a part of this EPIC chapter of How She Hustles! Five years of women’s brunches in Toronto – by us, for us. Words cannot explain… Many thanks to … Continue reading #howshehustles 5th women’s brunch

HERstory in Black by #howshehustles

HERstory in Black is a Toronto-based digital photo series featuring 150 inspiring black women that I created through my diverse women’s network, How She Hustles. It took a small village of passionate, talented women who poured their time, creativity and love into this project to make it happen. And of course, women willing to share their stories! After the project began, I pitched the project to … Continue reading HERstory in Black by #howshehustles

#howshehustles 4th women’s brunch

4th How She Hustles brunch May 2013 at Hotel Ocho Video: http://youtu.be/kpNua2BKfbs Photos: http://on.fb.me/1c7Waip http://on.fb.me/1ReB1Um Our sold-out 4th annual #howshehustles brunch was be held  in Toronto for women to network, get inspired, share tips for success and enjoy. Ladies also joined us online during the event for contests, conversation and more! Many thanks to Samantha Clarke Photography for these incredibly vibrant photos. Continue reading #howshehustles 4th women’s brunch

#howshehustles 2nd women’s brunch

2nd How She Hustles brunch May 2011 at Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Video: http://bit.ly/w3qoVG Photos: http://on.fb.me/wbeJos 100 powerful, inspired and very busy women on the move attended the 2nd annual How She Hustles brunch in Toronto. We represented many backgrounds, experiences, professions and walks of life – from lawyers to TV personalities, PR professionals to educators, theatre buffs to photographers, accountants to wedding planners, nurses … Continue reading #howshehustles 2nd women’s brunch

#howshehustles fall social

How She Hustles Fall Social November 2010 at Mirage Supperclub: Video: http://bit.ly/A4e5ik Photos: http://bit.ly/1UatoPp A dynamic and diverse group of women from across the city gathered to network, exchange information and share inspiration. Thanks to everyone who attended and supported! Who was there and what happened? Check out the video with images by Christy Murtha of Ladeebug Photography. And thanks to Remekie’s Boutique!   Continue reading #howshehustles fall social

#howshehustles 1st Women’s Brunch

1st How She Hustles brunch May 2010 at Globe Bistro: Photos: http://on.fb.me/xlol7H Who attended our very 1st event? The CEO of the YWCA Canada; a national director from CBC; the founder of Honey Jam, Canada’s all-female showcase; the general manager of Warner Chappell Music Canada; the executive director of the Canadian Independent Recording Artists Association; two of Canada’s top DJs; the manager for Canada’s R&B … Continue reading #howshehustles 1st Women’s Brunch

How She Hustles: Where diverse women connect

Greetings and thanks for your interest in How She Hustles. So who are we and what do we do? Founded by Emily Mills, How She Hustles is a vibrant network that connects 5000 diverse women through special events and social media. In May 2010, Emily started How She Hustles informally with 50 women. How She Hustles is now growing into an international brand without any … Continue reading How She Hustles: Where diverse women connect

Who is Emily Mills aka EM How She Hustles?

Emily is passionate about connecting people and communicating ideas that matter. She is a senior communications officer at CBC Toronto – working with our national public broadcaster on marketing strategies to sponsorship negotiations in the most competitive media market in the country. Prior to CBC, she founded the How She Hustles network that connects 5000 diverse women through social media and special events. She’s also … Continue reading Who is Emily Mills aka EM How She Hustles?